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Looking to really learn and be successful at investing?  Let's talk about a powerful tool that I've been using which will help to simplify investing! Especially useful for new investors but also a great tool for more polished investors.

It's called Tykr, and it's a value-add stock screener and educational tool with many great features. It covers stocks, ETFs, and even crypto. Tykr is a software that analyzes these investment vehicles, and it also features a scoring system that classifies them as either "On Sale," "Watch," or "Overpriced."

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Embarking upon a journey to start investing can be quite fact, quite painful. One of the biggest challenges of investing is finding the right stock at the right price. There's a wealth of information to take in from varying sources, including news, online articles, financial data, and varying opinions from both experts and novices alike.

As beginners, or additionally as average investors, this Tykr tool will help to "ease the pain" of conducting investment analysis and all that's typically involved with it. I highly recommend it, and we'll discuss the why in this write-up.

Gain Confidence

Looking at any company's financials can be pretty overwhelming. This is particularly true for anyone just starting their investment journey. In looking at the mounds of data and ratios, which ones are the most important to pay attention to? How can this all be simplified and made more straightforward?

The many write-ups from Raising InvestorIQ have been created with the goal in mind of simplifying investing and providing sound insight for successful investing strategies. But you always need a variety of great tools to aid in your analysis and ultimately your investment decisions. And that's what Tykr aims to accomplish - investing simplified!

Great tools such as Seeking Alpha and Tykr will aid in your ability to conduct investment analysis.

What sets Tykr apart is that it shows you how to evaluate companies very quickly. And it provides a one-stop-shop for so many relevant resources to assist with evaluating investment opportunities. It also provides perspective on when is a good time to buy. Of course, this should be coupled with your own assessment, research, and analysis before buying anything, but it provides a solid view in this regard.

The ongoing question for any investor: What's a good buy...what's not?

Tykr is made for the investor interesting in truly buying good companies that you can hold for the long-term, consistent with the spirit of the legendary Warren Buffett as reflected in this piece by Morningstar. Buy stocks with the approach of buying actual businesses, not pieces of paper (or, nowadays, digital records). And do so in companies with long-term intrinsic value based on sound research and analysis. Tykr helps to break down all of the complicated numbers and metrics into a single-rating score and provides a rating for the most important areas of the financials.

How It Works

Let's take a look at Tykr in practice. First of all, it's usefulness can essentially be broken down into 4 main aspects:

  1. Stocks - covers over 30,000 U.S. and international stocks
  2. ETFs - covers over 1,600 ETFs
  3. Crypto - covers over 1,800 cryptocurrencies
  4. Investing Education - provides step-by-step instructions

It's basically a stock screener and an educational platform combined. While covering over 30,000 stocks, Tykr also provides a rating of how it scores and rates different stocks individually. These scores come with "smart calculations" which detail how they derived at this score. It gives the why of how a particular stock obtained the score it has.

The Dashboard

The primary dashboard can be customized based on existing watchlists (created by you) relative to stocks, ETFs, or crypto. As you can see from below, it highlights many of the key features typically reflected in other tools. But it also highlights unique figures such as the score and the MOS (its assessment of margin of safety at current price), with the ability to filter by industry, payout ratio, market cap, and other key features.

The columns are able to be customized to include, omit, or order key metrics according to individual preference. For example, you include such metrics as ROIC, ROE, or ROA, and you can have them in your preferred order. What I found to be extremely helpful is the ease of use of the platform.

Let's take a closer look at Nvidia (NVDA).

Beyond the Dashboard

Stocks - The first tab on any individual stock provides the Tykr Rating. In this case, it currently assesses Nvidia with a score of 61 out of 100 (the higher the score, the safer the investment. The score within Tykr determines the overall financial strength of a stock). Its assessment of the Margin of Safety is based on the projected growth potential of the company and its ability to provide upside.

Again, this is all subjective and based on the algorithm(s) used by Tikr, but it provides a gauge for a sound starting point. Further support for these assessments are also provided in the additional tabs, with details on the underlying metrics, the financials, analyst ratings, growth potential, etc.

For example, in this screenshot below, we can go to the Underlying Metrics tab, which provides an evaluation of key metrics like ROIC (return on invested capital), EPS growth (earnings per share), cash growth, etc.

Additional tabs provide more key information specific to financials, ratios, news, dividends, etc., all in a straightforward, easy to read manner.

Whether with respect to stocks, ETFs, or crypto, you have the ability to not only establish watchlists but also multiple portfolios that allow you to assess how each portfolio performs.

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Additional Offerings

Premium Subscriptions

All of the Tykr features which are highlighted above are offered for FREE for a limited time. Tyker provides a 14-day free trail for you to check out these tools and its usefulness. Beyond that, there are truly excellent features also offered within the various tiers of paid premium subscriptions.

All premium subscriptions offer the following:  an increased number of watchlists (i.e., a watchlist for Tech stocks or a watchlist for Financials. You customize as you see fit), an increased number of portfolios, price alerts, CSV downloads and uploads (makes it easy to manipulate the data as you see fit in, for example, Excel), open source calculations, and other features which are on the horizon such as broker connections and real-time reports on earnings calls.

Investing Education - Tykr Edu

Additional offerings include truly valuable courses and webinars. Tykr Edu is meant to help you become an even more confident investor. Keep in mind, investing requires persistence and patience.

If you want to build wealth through investing, you need to invest regularly and let the power of compound interest work for you. Remember, investing is about "time in the market" not "timing the market."

Of course, these courses are offered at a separate cost but all courses include free access to Tykr. (And be sure to be on the lookout for any discounted promos I may send out!)

But if you’re interested in a deep dive into investing education, Tykr Edu is for you. It will surely help you to effectively complement all of the free content offered here within the Raising InvestorIQ site.

Current course offerings include Stock Investing for Beginners, How to Make Passive Income With the Stock Market, and Group Coaching, with new courses being developed all the time. Once you get through the courses, you will have better knowledge and confidence to understand the content discussed here on this help you make money in the stock market on your own.

On the Home page of the Tykr website, you'll also note other resources offered under the Education dropdown. These include FREE access to Tykr's investing blog with an assortment of articles, stock reviews, info on calculations, and how-to videos.

I strongly encourage delving into these resources and making good use of them. You'll be investing with greater confidence in no time!

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As an aspiring investor, you commonly come across many meaningful books or articles which allow you to extract valuable insight on investing. Interesting and relevant content can be found related to Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch as investors, or with respect to news or expert opinions on a specific stock like Apple, Nike, or Meta.

With Tykr, you essentially have a central repository of so much related material to help not only with investment analysis (news, data, etc) but also with the educational aspect of learning and understanding investing. I really find it to be a very helpful platform, and I'm confident you will, too.

There's a ton of information to aid with investment decisions, so before making that "buy" decision, it's recommended to evaluate the opportunity using Tykr first. It'll save you time and money in the long-run, and it may help eliminate that question mark on whether or not you've made the right decision with your investments.

The primary premise is one that Raising InvestorIQ has been emphasizing all along - invest in well-established companies for the long-term. Look for companies whose business model you understand, that possess a durable competitive advantage, and which are underpriced, affording great long-term upside. Buy into good, long-term stocks when they are well-priced.

Or pick up solid ETFs that will afford you diversification and the ability to track specific indices. You can gain the same sort of info and insight with respect to ETFs from Tykr, too. Work diligently to increase your investing knowledge base and better navigate the investing landscape, eventually affording ability for putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

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As a Tykr affiliate, Raising InvestorIQ earns from qualifying purchases. As a Seeking Alpha affiliate, Raising InvestorIQ earns from qualifying purchases.

Information provided on this site is based on my own personal experience, research, and analysis, and it is not to be construed as professional advice. Please conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.  I am not a professional financial advisor, stockbroker, or planner, nor am I a CPA or a CFP. The contents of this site and the resources provided are for informational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. The author is not liable for any losses or damages related to actions or failure to act related to the content on this website.

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